Meet Eleora

Eleora Han, PhD is a clinical psychologist and writer. In her books, she writes about struggles in life that can give rise to growth and light. 

She lives in Virginia, where she enjoys spending time with friends and practicing yoga.

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New Releases from Eleora

For those who have experienced the loss of a love, this thoughtful new book offers courage and comfort. Some of us face the death of a loved one while others face the end of a romantic relationship or a painful divorce, but everyone who finds themselves in the midst of loss—whether willingly or forced by circumstances—grieves and could use solace, wisdom, and connection. 
Written after the loss of her husband through divorce, psychologist Eleora Han offers a candid and moving reflection of grief and explains how embracing grief may help us stay rooted in love, how accepting our lack of control can help us find peace, and offers reassurance that however painful loss is, we can make it through.
Each chapter guides readers in their quest to experience the difficulties of loss as a positive, life-changing journey to cultivate connection, love more deeply and wholeheartedly, explore the beauty of forgiveness and spirituality, and find hopeful meaning and purpose toward the future.
With relatable personal stories, practical insight, and inspirational words, this book offers essential wisdom and truth for those intent on making their way forward through grief and loss to awaken to deeper love, gratitude, and enlightenment.

Available 12.10.17