There is a Light Inside You, Where Sorrow Meets Joy

light inside you hope depression

There is a light inside you. Let it grow and shine. Sometimes it’s long forgotten. We haven’t connected with it given the busyness of our days. Other times, we have allowed the world to tell us that it is not there and never was.

But it is. So find it and let it grow. Follow it and let it guide you and you’ll find yourself in a place of greater peace and love beyond which you can imagine. Follow it to become one with the flow of the universe which created you — to become the miracle of love and connection you were meant for.

Perhaps you are walking through darkness now. Not just any darkness, but one in which shadows constantly haunt you. Where you feel weariness in your bones. It’s heavy and all you can think of is wanting to rest. Perhaps you’re walking in the valley of the shadow of death. Know that there is light. It is here with you at all times. Here to protect and comfort you. Let it lead and guide you to this space in life, of peace and joy, this space where you are held close and meant to be. This space where all the bitterness of life falls away, where sorrow meets joy and all that is left is this light and you.