Mindfully Moving Through Grief and Loss

grief mindfulness eleora han.jpg

It’s strange how time passes — how after the unthinkable occurs, life goes on. The sun rises and falls. Flowers bloom. Trees rustle in the wind. There is an eeriness to it and in the beginning it is tempting to stay lost in this space. We want to freeze time, capture it, hold on to it even if it doesn’t exist anymore because in some ways it feels as if it is all we have. We begin to live as if we are in the past. Some of us get stuck in this place. Trapped in time, we stop moving with life, stop flowing with it and it moves forward without us.

Grief, with all its horror and sadness and pain is disorienting. Like a rip tide, it comes into our lives and we get knocked off our feet. We struggle and resist against it, but what if this is like resisting the formation of the sky, the earth, gravity, and the very nature of life itself? Instead we must somehow learn to move with this grief, to relax into it. As time passes, we understand we will never live or flow again at the original current. And yet, with this flow, we find ourselves in a new rhythm and frequency of our lives, our spirits lifting higher, vibrating closer to our center, to peace. And we find that the waves have brought us home again.

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