Grieving the Loss of a Love—New Book Release

Grieving the Loss of a Love Grief

My book, Grieving the Loss of a Love: How to Embrace Grief to Find True Hope and Healing After a Divorce, Breakup, or Death, has just been released. I am running a free promotion on for the eBook version, so download it today!

Loss had a way of opening my eyes. I began to see how much I had taken for granted. How fleeting our moments with our loved ones truly are. How fragile and short life is. I decided to write this book so that some meaning could come out of my loss, and to help others find their way through darkness and pain. 

Writing this book has been a really fun journey: I met a lot of amazing people who inspired and supported me through. Writers working on their craft. Others on a similar journey through grief. Editors, artists, and author entrepreneurs. This book was fulfilling to write and put together; everything from the personal stories to the research I conducted to the quotes I wove in, has felt very meaningful. I hope that it can help bring comfort and hope to others as they move through a challenging time, and that it brings greater awareness to the richness that can come from suffering and facing deeper questions about love, loss, and life. 

You can find the book here.