Seasons of Grief, A Time to Every Purpose

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven
— Ecclesiastes 3: 1

Dear reader,

Sometimes we may feel discouraged, and feel as if life as we have known it is over. What lies ahead? We live in fear that our best days are behind us, that we have failed and made mistakes, that there is nothing to be done now, nothing that can turn back time and get us back to a place of what once was. In our darkest of moments, we wonder if there was a point to any of this suffering. What is life if it involves pain and grief like this? Life feels empty and meaningless. We feel like giving up.

In the darkest of moments, there is always a light. It may be a small seed of it, but it is there nonetheless. Look for it, grab a hold of it, and follow it through the darkness. It is a faint thread at first, but the more you follow it, the more it strengthens and becomes a string, a rope, a path, and then finally something you see as clear as day — a force guiding you through life to places of incredible love and abundance. This is the transformation that grief can bring, that through the darkness can come light, and the knowledge within yourself that there is no pain that is meaningless, nothing that can’t be redeemed, no mistake that is so great it can’t be overcome. That life will give you second chances, a third, and a fourth in different forms, that there is a purpose to all of this. That you are a part of something greater. That there is hope, there is a light and lesson within everything what you are going through now. You must use it and align with this energy to find your greatest purpose.

There are different seasons to life, this is the very nature of it. Change. Transcience. Love. Pain. Sorrow. Hope. When you are in a difficult season, know that the very nature of life itself means that the seasons will change — that whatever you are going through now is preparing you for the next, bringing you closer to the deepest truths of your being. You must look for the seeds of opportunity and light in the darkness. Find it and it will transform you.

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