You Are Loved

love (2).jpg

You are loved. You are beautiful. You are worthy. You’re not perfect, but you’re not your mistakes. Perhaps you’ve made them. Big ones. But that’s okay. We all do. Forgive yourself and use it as the soil for growth, for compassion for yourself and for others when they make mistakes.

When you start to do this, you will see that all of us are human. Inside of the person across from you is the same energy and spirit within you. No person is ever a stranger. Each of us struggle with this thing called life and all the gifts and sorrows it brings. There is a beauty in this shared humanity.

There is no one you are meant to be other than who you are. The most beautiful gift to the world is for be you as you truly are, as you are meant to be, in your fullest and highest expression. Sometimes you may feel worried and anxious that you’re not enough. You want to be all that others see you to be, but you feel as if you fall short. You hide and hope that other’s don’t notice. When you observe yourself doing this, let it go. Stay in your power, in the seat of your soul. You must do this to live out and grow into your most essential self. The self that is highest and true. What a gift to the world that would be!

Because it’s not about you, it never was. It’s about love and the miracle of you as its perfect expression. This is my greatest hope for you. To know that you are loved and to do all things in this love so that others may know it too.